My Story

Hi, I’m Becka, busy Mom of 3. Trying to balance the day to day of working, keeping the household standing, and running a small business. I feel like Rowan and Moon had been in the works for years now, I just didn’t know what the product would be, or that it would be named this.

On December 2, 2018 I delivered our 2nd child, Rowan, beautifully asleep. With my husband by my side we had to say hello and good-bye to our boy. Rowan was born early at 25 weeks and 6 days (6 Months) due to a placental abruption, and the lack of medical testing being available in our somewhat remote area. When realization came that we were in a crucial situation a medevac was put into action to be brought to Vancouver, where we could be better monitored but it was too late. I can still see my Doctor’s face when she did the last heartbeat check, and told me something was wrong. Everything from that point on is a blur. At some point I delivered our Son, held him, kissed his sweet tiny body, and said good-bye forever. I know this hurt I feel will be with me for a lifetime but I also knew I could find a way to share my story, say his name and spread awareness in a positive, beautiful way. My oldest daughter has always told us that her Brother lives on the Moon. This moon can be seen by everyone from anywhere and this is where we say “Hi” to our Rowan. One weekend on a whim I mentioned to my husband that I’d like to make semi-precious bead bracelets, which lead us to creating Rowan and Moon. I now enjoy my evenings sitting at the kitchen table making bead bracelets, looking out at the moon with a purpose and cause in mind. I hope to raise awareness through donating funds from each sale and spreading the word that YOU are not alone.

With love from one strong Momma to another.